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Actor Tyler Hoechlin attends the John Varvatos 11th Annual Stuart House Benefit at John Varvatos Boutique on April 13, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.




Giraffe-taur drops a quarter: the crappy comic.




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A great comic telling people to stand up for their fellow fans!

You want to know how terrible that these douche bags can get? I made a Sailor Venus cosplay for my younger sister who looked amazing and proud to wear it. I made sure she wore white shorts that covered her panties and stopped where the skirt ended, (because of the horror stories we heard about perverts taking pictures up cosplayers’ skirts without consent) Turns out there were jerks trying to take pics up her skirt, but started to complain to each other that she was wearing shorts under and it wasn’t fair. SHE WAS UNDERAGE AT THE TIME OF WEARING THIS COSPLAY! Not only were they attempting sexual harassment, but ON A MINOR! Please, reblog this, spread the word, and stand up for other cosplayers if you see/hear this.

I can’t tell you how flattered (and also somewhat triumphant) I am that my comic is still going around being shared like this. Keep doing it, and keep telling your stories, and this is how we’ll change things. 

By the way, cons, the above is available in large size for printing and posting in your spaces and con books for free, just download them from here: 

Ledger size:

Letter size:

Spread the word!

Reblogging again because A. omg I didn’t even realize this was Karine’s work, d’oh… and B. downloadable links!!! Check it out!


Our parents warned us about middle aged men stalking us on the Internet but oh how the tables have turned

❝A study on masculinity and aggression from the University of South Florida found that innocuous – yet feminine – tasks could produce profound anxiety in men. As part of the study, a group of men were asked to perform a stereotypically feminine act – braiding hair in this case - while a control group braided rope. Following the act, the men were given the option to either solve a puzzle or punch a heavy bag. Not surprisingly, the men who performed the task that threatened their masculinity were far more likely to punch the bag; again, violence serving as a way to reestablish their masculine identity. A follow-up had both groups punch the bag after braiding either hair or rope; the men who braided the hair punched the bag much harder. A third experiment, all the participants braided hair, but were split into two groups: those who got to punch the bag afterwards and those who didn’t. The men who were prevented from punching the bag started to show acute signs of anxiety and distress from not being able to reconfirm their masculinity.❞

Doctor Nerdlove, "When Masculinity Fails Men" (via aldoushuxley)

this is hilarious 

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Collette I saw you reblog that get off right now young lady

You’re not my real mum!!


"We are more than a bit concerned with the Benihana egg trick called for in the script. I’ve tried it and can only get it 1 out of 4 tries, and I’ve seen Benihana chefs flub the manoeuver when they have an entire grill as target. Mads has to crack his eggs into a 8-inch diameter skillet. The props Master calls his guy. The Production Manager calls in his guy. I call my guy. On the morning of the shoot we have 8 dozen eggs and 3 Japanese chefs with their hands made up to be hand doubles.

 I guess I don’t have to tell you that when Mads arrives on set, he just tosses an egg up in the air and the egg breaks on the spatula. No problem. Unbelievable. I insist it was a lucky fluke but he does it again. I accuse him of practicing when I wasn’t looking but he laughs (as if he has time to practise egg-cracking between scenes) and tells me he was a juggler in his youth.”

And here we all thought we’d have a million outtakes of Mads flubbing the egg trick…



Publicity done right in an anti-rape campaign: double-page spread, pages glued to one another. After the reader forcefully separates them, the image above is revealed with the caption “if you have to use force, it’s rape”.


April Fool’s!


We replaced your bloodstream with thousands of bees. Also, your bones. And your skin. And also your hair. You’re mostly bees, I don’t know how you didn’t notice that.


This was Netflix’s April Fool’s Prank last year. Don’t get hurt again, folks.



a 14 year old indian kid figured out that if the federal government changed their official font from times new roman to garamond they could save $234 million a year (source)

his name is Suvir Mirchandani

omitting identity from these things is how poc contributions and achievements end up getting erased altogether

his name is Suvir Mirchandani



Hello all! This is Payton!

Collette has proven herself incapable of self control but incredibly responsible and as a result of that I now have FULL REIGN OVER HER BLOG

but I’m just going to change her password and log her out so that she can focus on school and do…

Collette no

But Paytonnnnnnnnnnnn


Hello all! This is Payton!

Collette has proven herself incapable of self control but incredibly responsible and as a result of that I now have FULL REIGN OVER HER BLOG

but I’m just going to change her password and log her out so that she can focus on school and do important educational things for awhile.

If you have any EMERGENCIES AND YOU NEED TO TALK TO HER you can shoot me an ask and I will tell her.

That is all! Have a fabulous day. :D

This is the ghost of blogging past, Collette has been banished to the library and I leave you in the capable hands of my fabulous associate


Slow down, grab the wall
Wiggle like you trying to make yo ass fall off